Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive
Energy & Sound Healer
Kathleen Johnson, MSN, NP
*Reduction of pain
*Decrease anxiety, tension and stress
*Prevention of illness
*Enhancement of spiritual development
*Pre and post surgery
*Support for pregnancy and childbirth
*Support for the dying process

Kathleen is dedicated to providing the highest degree of quality healing care.

Kathleen wholeheartedly believes that treating the whole person as an integrated body, mind and spirit creates greater opportunities for increasing health. Most illness is caused by imbalances that can be attributed to stress in body, mind or spirit, allergies, poor diet, infections, and toxins. She finds that helping patients become healthy with high quality food, nutritional supplements, essential oils, detoxification, hypoallergenic or elimination diet, and nurturing healing modalities, can provide the body with the conditions it needs to heal itself. She offers a wide range of nutritional supplements for sale at her office.

To work on a deeper healing level, Kathleen offers the treatment of Healing Thru Touch and Sound via CRYSTAL SONG SOUL MEDICINE. This is based in the art and science of energy medicine. Each person is composed of a magnificent, organized energy field or light body, which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. This light body contains information which creates health. Energy, also called chi, prana, life force or the Light of Christ, is where all healing begins.

Working with energy through the laying on of hands and sound is a timeless approach. It has been used throughout the history of humankind to facilitate healing. Kathleen utilizes her hands, voice, crystal singing bowls, harp and other instruments to clear, energize and balance the human energy field on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She considers crystal bowls and other sound tools to be medical tools, as well as energy healing tools. Healing Touch and Sound takes one to deep levels of relaxation, allowing the body to balance and the soul to bring through greater healing potential.

Anyone, from infants to adults, can benefit from Healing Thru Touch and Sound. Indications for Healing Touch and Sound include:

Health involves the "whole"  person.
Mind, spirit and body are integrated and inseparable.
The body contains an energy system that underlies and enlivens the physical body.
Holistic health treats the "whole" person, not just symptoms and disease.

"Kathleen is my primary health care provider. She is dedicated, accessible and generous with her time. I value her holistic approach in caring for my health. I always experience peace and well being after Kathleen gives me a Healing Touch and Sound treatment. I feel powerful movements of energy throughout my body and experience truly amazing results." Rob W.

"I have been seeing Kathleen for about 10 years and obviously find her care wonderful. She works holistically, treating mind, body and spirit, knowing that all are connected. I having Healing Touch and Sound regularly and find the insight extremely helpful." Katy C.

"For over 20 years I have had hypothyroidism and its various symptoms. I had a stressful job and never ending symptoms of menopause. I experienced bouts of depression, along with just not feeling well. Someone recommended Kathleen to me and told me how much she had helped his sister. I called Kathleen's office. Best decision ever! She treats the whole person. She has helped me mentally, physically and spiritually. My husband has seen a huge change in me. I'm back to being "me" after many years. And her Healing Touch and Sound treatments are truly amazing! Thank you, Kathleen." Eileen L.

"“The first time I participated in a Healing Through Sound and Touch session, my thoughts were led into a beautiful inner visual of the most extraordinary colors and patterns. Like an ongoing wave, these images flowed with vibrancy and fluidity. Kathleen created various healing sounds, notes that went deep into my mind and body. Occasionally I would hear a different sound, perhaps the crystal bowls, and each vibrational change captivated me into a world of ethereal vibrations. I was transported into a quiet healing world of sound and color. During another session, I was led into physical relaxation. I never felt Kathleen’s presence, just connected to the sounds and gentle touches that surrounded me. I felt like I was in the realm of angelic beings. The sounds Kathleen creates make this experience other worldly. You feel like to you going back to a place where you came from.” Pam D.