Kathleen Johnson, FNP
Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner
Healing Touch and Sound Practitioner

Sound Healing Circle: You are invited to our Sound Healing Circle every 4th Friday of the month at 4-5:30 pm at Kathleen's office. Our next Sound Healing Circle will be Friday, January 26th.

COMMUNITY EVENTS: Kathleen offers her sound healing presentations/concerts at churches, retirement centers, community centers, yoga centers, and healing arts centers. Please call or email for further information.

RETREATS: Kathleen is offering weekend retreats/workshops to teach Healing Yourself with Sound Medicine and Introduction to Healing Hands and Sound.

CONFERENCES: Kathleen is available to speak on Sound Healing for holistic and nursing/ medical conferences. She recently spoke on The Sound of Healing: Integrating the Power of Sound into Holistic Practice at the American Holistic Nurses Association conference in June 2017.
Healing Yourself with Sound Medicine

Activate the sound of your divine essence!

Just take a minute to think about the truth that everything is vibration! The laws of physics tell us everything breaks down into waves and particles of light, which are vibration. The Earth is up-shifting her vibration, and "Vibrational Healing" will grow by leaps and bounds along with Her. At your essence, healing happens all the way down at your vibrational level. Healing vibrations, thoughts, sounds, and energies, move your photons, which move your atoms, which move your cells. Healing vibrations re-pattern your cells and tissues to re-connect into a healthy flow. Healing vibrations assist you in moving out congestion and illness and the heavy energies of limiting beliefs and emotions.

This workshop will assist you to  move out the heavy vibrations such as fear and generational programming. You will be guided through imagery and healing sound to identify your intentions and use sound to manifest those intentions. The vibrations of healing sound encourage movement and flow so you can create and birth the experiences and opportunities you desire. Experiencing and generating healing sound magnetizes love and peace to you for your health and well-being. and the wonderful thing is you can do this for yourself!

This day long or weekend workshop offers you the opportunity to experience sound healing and learn how to incorporate it into your self-care practice. We will cover topics including:

*The history of sound healing
*How sound interacts with the human body and energy field and chakras
*The amazing quantum physics of sound and healing made easy to understand
*How to deepen your listening to hear your body, heart and soul
*How to use instruments of sound such as crystal bowls, rattles, drum, your voice and toning
*Developing your self-healing practice
*And we will spend time relaxing and experiencing sound and guided imagery to connect your with your soul!

I look forward to sharing the amazing blessings of sound healing with you!