Kathleen Johnson, MSN, NP
Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive
Energy & Sound Healer

CRYSTALLINE  SOUND HEALING ACTIVATION: Kathleen holds a monthly group sound healing at her office and other locations.  The sound healing includes guided meditation and is deeply relaxing. (See description below) The next session will be October 22rd from 3:30-5:00 pm at her office.

Feedback from Rose S.:
"Each time I attend I feel completely rebooted mentally, physically and spiritually. Last session I had been experiencing a migraine headache, and by the end of the session it was gone. Your amazing talents with the crystal bowls and beautiful voice are so appreciated!"

ALSO SEE Kathleen's sound healing website thesoundofhealing.net

COMMUNITY EVENTS: Kathleen offers her sound healing presentations/concerts at churches, retirement centers, community centers, yoga centers, and healing arts centers. Please call or email for further information.

CONFERENCES: Kathleen is available to speak on Sound Healing for holistic and nursing/ medical conferences. She spoke on The Sound of Healing: Integrating the Power of Sound into Holistic Practice at the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) conference in June 2017 and is a regular presenter for the Integrative Healing Arts Program in Holistic Nursing through AHNA.
Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls Level 1

  • Are you looking to increase your ability to center, balance and relax into peace and bliss?
  • Do you feel called to go deeper into your creativity, heart wisdom, and soul song?
  • Do you feel excited to learn more about how to use crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, rattles and drums to heal yourself and others?
  • Are you a healer, nurse, massage therapist, yogi, or musician with a desire to incorporate sound healing into your practice?
  • Are you looking for tools to assist in releasing emotions such as anger, grief, sadness and fear?
  • Are you ready to expand your connection with the Divine, angels, guides, your soul and Mother Earth?

     Then you are invited into the amazing world of sound healing!

     Join us for this workshop, where you will learn all about how healing sound works as medicine for all levels of your being: body, energy field, psyche, and especially, heart and soul. Sound is truly a foundational tool of healing! The healing use of sound is growing quickly, as we are re-discovering the ancient wisdom of sound medicine. Kathleen will share how healing vibrations, thoughts, sounds and energies, move your photons, DNA, atoms and cells, resulting in the healthy flow of YOU! You will be guided on how to use your imagination and sound to move your healing intentions into manifestation.

     This 16 hour weekend workshop offers you the opportunity to experience sound healing and learn how to integrate it into your self-care and care of others. We will cover a broad range of topics including:

  • Our ancestral history of sound healing
  • The amazing qualities of sound and how vibrations interact with the soul, human body, energy field and chakras
  • How to use sound to clear denser emotional energies and re-energize your being
  • How to use sound to bless Mother Earth
  • How to deepen your listening to hear your body, heart and soul, and feel the resonance of your truth
  • How to use powerful instruments of sound, with a focus on crystal singing bowls and your voice
  • Developing your sound self-healing and/or professional practice
  • And we will spend time relaxing and experiencing sound and guided imagery to connect with your soul!
Crystalline Sound Healing Activation

You are invited to experience a Crystalline Sound Healing Activation/ Bath with Kathleen Anne. Each session is intuitively guided to assist you to connect with your soul heart and touch the true essence of your being. We will connect with the Divine realms of the Ambassadors of Crystalline Sound and Light. Kathleen brings through the tones and vibrations in alignment with the needs of the participants in the group. You are known and loved through all levels of your being, from your atoms to photons, to vibration and essence, and your guides and angels bring through the vibrations you truly need. The exquisite alchemy crystal singing bowls and Kathleen's voice offer unique tones and frequencies that clear, balance and upgrade your physical, mental and spiritual being and create space for you to heal in deep love, peace, and soul connection. Come listen with your whole being and hear your soul resonate into bliss. As you bask in this safe and loving sanctuary of transformation and transcendence, all levels of healing are possible!

Our voyage will last 90 minutes.