Kathleen has been a Healing Touch Practitioner for tweny years, providing this therapy to hundreds of clients. She incorporated Sound Healing into her healing sessions several years ago, and found the sound opened up new dimensions and depths of healing. Now she has organized these techniques into a holistic training program. This program is open to all people, the lay person, as well as all healing practitioners.

Crystal Song Soul Medicine
Training in sound healing begins with the Level 1 Foundations in Sound Healing course. This is a 15 hr weekend workshop, which includes Kathleen's workbook, Crystal Song Soul Medicine.

There are 4 additional levels or modules offered as weekend courses, with certification offered at each level. Upon completion of all 5 levels, you will receive a mastery certification in Crystal Song Soul Medicine. See thesoundofhealing.net for further description.

Please email Kathleen@thesoundofhealing.net for information on dates, or go to thesoundofhealing.net

Kathleen Johnson, MSN, NP
Medical Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer
Crystal Song Academy of Sound Healing Medicine
Also see thesoundofhealing.net