Kathleen Johnson, FNP
Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner
Healing Touch and Sound Practitioner

Enhance your healing with your own crystal bowl!

Everyone appreciates tools which increase our healing and help us to stay focused, clear and calm. Tools which help our nervous systems downshift, so we can quickly and easily release stress and anxiety. Playing a crystal bowl quickly faciliates this! With the sound of the crystal bowl, you move into a centered state, heal your body and mind and allow your inner guidance to lead you into greater clarity regarding your soul's path.

Each time you play a crystal singing bowl for yourself, magic happens!

* Within moments, your mind will begin to quiet down from its chatter.
* Your body will begin to relax and unwind as you are filled with nourishing, healing vibrations of crystalline light.
*Your breath, heart beat, and even blood pressure will gently adjust to a slower, calmer level, assisting your body to heal itself.
*You will feel yourself expand as your consciousness opens to higher levels of awareness.
* The healing vibrations of angelic sound will begin to entrain you to the quantum field of all creative possibilities, so you can more easily access your higher wisdom and pure potential.

Kathleen will assist you to determine the bowl that best fits your needs. The alchemy or stones in the crystal all have unique properties and assist you with your specific healing needs. Contact Kathleen for a private session to discuss how the bowls can magnify your healing potential. Experience for yourself the bliss of crystal bowls! Isn't it time to move to the next level of healing and quantum soul connection in your life?

Kathleen has the following bowls in her stock. You may also go to silverskyimports.com to view their stock and find a bowl that calls to you. Kathleen can order your preferred bowl at a 20% discount. Call or email Kathleen at kajohnsons@aol.com with your questions about ordering. She is happy to do a Facetime demo for you so you may listen to the bowls. You will receive a complimentary lesson on how to play the crystal bowl with your purchase.

Now available:

8" C (5th octave) Black tourmaline, retail $800, sale $640

8" D (5th octave) Peridot, retail $900, sale $720

(All below are 4th octave and true tone unless otherwise noted)

10" G -15 Blue tourmaline, retail $1100, sale $880

7" C Moldavite retail $900, sale $720

10" C Larimar, retail $1800, sale $1,440

9" A morganite $1200 retail, sale $960

8" B prehnite, $1200 retail, sale $960

10" E +15 moss agate, $1200 retail, sale $960

7" A +20 morganite, $1100 retail, sale $880